New Mutants

We knew that ‘New Mutants’ was going to be a horror film and now director Josh Boone has confirmed what inspired his installment in the X-men’ franchise. There were multiple influences involved in bringing the movie to life, but one of the more surprising ones was ‘Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors.’

According to Boone in an interview with Collider:

“I’d say biggest influences for this movie were [One Flew Over the] Cuckoo’s Nest, The Shining and Dream Warriors. I do love Dream Warriors, I loved the first [Nightmare on Elm Street] as well, but this is very much a rubber reality horror movie for the first about 75% of the movie, and then it becomes something else. It follows the logic of those early Wes Craven movies and all that.”

As I am a fan of all three films which Boone has listed, I’m eager to see how they could have inspired the final cut of ‘New Mutants.’

Boone is also currently working on developing ‘The Stand’ for CBS All Access and shared that Stephen King’s works were another influence when it came to ‘New Mutants’:

“I’m excited about it. [It’s also] Stephen King-y, less in terms of all the adaptations and more in terms of the books, where the trick he always played that I thought was what makes his stuff work so well is, he keeps it so grounded and credible with the characters that when the supernatural stuff is introduced, you go with it because you care so much about the characters.”

Do you think Fox had one last hit with ‘New Mutants’? Are you at all surprised that ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, ‘The Shining’, and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors’ inspired the film? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

The ‘New Mutants’ will be screaming their way into your local theater on April 3rd, 2020!