With ‘New Mutants‘ hitting theaters in just a couple of months, director Josh Boone isn’t holding back on why he thinks Fox has been failing with the ‘X-Men’ franchise. It sounds like the issues he believes which caused fans to stop seeing the films in theaters won’t be present in his movie, but with this being the end of the Fox era, this revelation feels like its too little, too late to make a difference.

While I’m excited about what ‘New Mutants’ is bringing to the table, this is going to be hard to really get the push to have audiences check it out – especially since Alice Braga seemed to indicate that no reshoots have occurred to incorporate the film into the MCU.


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As to where Fox went wrong, Boone recently spoke with Screen Rant and shared:

“You know, it was originally set, when we did the first couple drafts with Simon Kinberg, who’s our producer, he’s off now making his own X-Men movie, so like, he’s still the producer, but Karen’s here because Simon’s got to make that movie. But originally, we were in the 80s universe with Professor X in it, with Storm in it, and with a bunch of other stuff and, like, basically when they got to Apocalypse, they didn’t want anything set in the past anymore, [lowers voice] like that was the reason it was bad…


Josh Boone and the cast of New MutantsIt’s like, the one before that in the 70s, was pretty awesome. And the 60s one was pretty great. They just wanted all this stuff moved up to the present day, including the X-Men, eventually in some way, shape, or form. I imagine these will all connect, but it didn’t really matter because they’re in such an isolated location without any Wi-Fi or phones or anything that it might as well be the 80s in terms of the setting.


It didn’t change our story very much. It limited who we could use character-wise, but in some ways, it made it better because it freed us from, uh – it’s really able to be its own thing. Which I appreciate more now than I did when had to make that decision. But yeah, we’re really excited about it.”

The good thing here is that ‘New Mutants’ does appear to be disconnected from Fox’s other mutant films and could very easily stand on its own. Personally, my theory is that if Kevin Feige did end up liking the movie we could just have a ‘New Mutants’ crossover in ‘Deadpool 3’ where Illyana and her brother Colossus meet up and by the end of the film it can magic everyone from the two films away to safety – right into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I don’t see this happening, but anything is possible.

Are you looking forward to ‘New Mutants’? Do you feel that the time jumps were part of what made the “X-Men” franchise suffer as it progressed into the final films? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

The ‘New Mutants’ will be screaming their way into your local theater on April 3rd, 2020!