About a month back we heard an update from the long gestating ‘Death Note‘ from Warner Brothers and today everything that was happening with the film may have turned on its head as it is moving to Netflix. While the streaming service turned content provider may still keep the R-rating, it is hard to tell if there will be any changes to the planned movie itself.

With Warner Brothers scrubbing many of their non-franchise projects that were in the works, we saw that ‘Death Note was pushed to the side. However, Netflix is in the process of securing the rights to the film which would still have Adam Wingard directing with a script based off of Jeremy Slater. If things are able to move quick enough it would also mean that Nat Wolff (‘The Fault in Our Stars’,’Paper Towns’) and Margaret Qualley (‘The Leftovers’,’Palo Alto’) would still be set to star with Netflix also pushing to add Keith Stanfield (‘War Machine’,’Short Term 12′) into the mix if the deal goes through.

While Netflix isn’t the only studio looking to grab the rights to the film, it looks like Warner Brothers is very supportive with the idea and Netflix has asked Wingard to setup exclusive negotiations to make the acquisition happen.

The movie would have Wolff playing the central role of a teenage boy who finds the Death Note. A book where anyone whose name is written in it dies as long as he knows their face. His purpose ends up becoming to rule a world that is “cleansed of evil”. Much of the anime series also followed a detective whose name we don’t know who is working to thwart the teenager’s plans.

Do you think that Netflix can make ‘Death Note’ a film that we’ll all want to watch? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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