Arrow: Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak

One of the main complaints which has surfaced about the season finale of ‘Arrow’ is that Emily Bett Rickards didn’t have as much screen time as Felicity Smoak as they would have liked. The actress had been off the show since the seventh season finale, and fans both wanted and expected her to return. Now, we’ve learned thanks to executive producer Marc Guggenheim that she was originally planning to play a much bigger role in the final chapter.

In the final episode, “Fadeout,” we saw Felicity saying her final farewells to the show. However, she was also meant to appear in all the flashback scenes with both Oliver and Diggle that ran throughout the episode.


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The reason this didn’t happen? According to Guggenheim in an interview with TV Line:

“No, we actually got less. We got less. We write everything without regard to scheduling, and without regard to budget — our ADs and our line producer can speak to that! — because we always want the story to come first. And then we make scheduling tomorrow’s problem. So we basically wrote as much Felicity as we wanted to, with one exception. The original plan for the flashback story was that it would take place sometime around the aftermath of [Episode] 114, which is after Felicity learns of Oliver’s secret and basically joins Oliver and Diggle in the Arrow bunker, but we were only able to get Emily for two days. Something had to fall out, and that became the flashback story, unfortunately. But in terms of the present-day story, we were able to schedule everything. It wasn’t easy to schedule — we had to do what’s called a “company move” in the middle of one of the days to make it all happen — but we did it, and that’s what matters.”

Were you thrilled that Felicity was able to appear in the ‘Arrow’ series finale or did you want more? Do you think that it would have made more of an impact if Emily Bett Rickards had been able to be on hand for all of the flashback scenes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!