Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet in 2011 screen shot
Columbia/Sony Pictures

Former Marvel Studios president Michael Helfant and Bradley Gallo are bringing ‘The Green Hornet’ back to the big screen via their Amasia Entertainment banner.  This will not be connected to the 2011 disappointment, which starred Seth Rogen.

As Helfant stated:

“When I was a kid, The Green Hornet was one of my favorite television series. I loved everything about it – the Green Hornet, Kato, and of course, the Black Beauty. They were the coolest!  It was personally painful to leave them all behind when I left Dimension.  So I tried to option the property again at Marvel before it went over to Sony, and then again in 2017 before the rights landed at Paramount.


“This is one of the only stand-alone classic superhero franchises.  We’re a bunch of fan geeks at Amasia and are thrilled about creating something fresh and truly worthy of this legacy property. A new world that is relevant and thrilling, while respecting and honoring the original vision of creator George W. Trendle.”

Linda Trendle Hartle, president of Green Hornet Inc. added:

“On behalf of the family of George W. Trendle and The Green Hornet, Inc., we are excited to be working with Amasia Entertainment to bring the legacy of the Green Hornet & Kato back to theaters.”

Gallo then stated:

“As long as I’ve known Michael, he has expressed his loving ‘nerdom’ for Green Hornet and passed on his addiction to me.  I am looking forward to bridging the film worlds of America and Asia – and I’m very grateful to be on this journey with Michael, Amasia, the Green Hornet family, and fellow fans!”

Sony, via Columbia Pictures, released the comedic version in 2011, with Rogen, but while it wasn’t a total flop, it was not very well-received.  The concept was originated as a radio serial in 1936, and was created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker, with input from director James Jewell.  The Green Hornet was secretly newspaper publisher Britt Reid, but at night, he would don a mask and infiltrate the world of organized crime, masquerading as a criminal himself, to take others down.  He was assisted by his valet Kato.  As originally conceived, he was a descendant of the Lone Ranger.

The character was adapted in film serials, and as a TV series in 1966.  The TV show was created by William Dozier, who had previously struck gold with ‘Batman’.  Van Williams, who had appeared on ‘Batman’ as the villain The Minstrel, starred as Britt Reid, and Bruce Lee portrayed Kato, in his first American role.  That series only lasted one season, with Williams and Lee also popping up on a ‘Batman’ two-parter.

In 2016, Paramount Pictures and Chernin Entertainment had acquired the rights, with ‘The Accountant’s Gavin O’Connor set to direct and produce, with a script by Sean O’Keefe.

It isn’t yet known who will be involved on the creative side of this new ‘Green Hornet’ film, but check back for updates.


Source: Deadline