With less than a month until we finally get to see what Warner Bros/ DC / Zack Snyder/ Joss Whedon have in store for us when ‘Justice League’ premieres up on the big screen (on November 17th), the promotional department is working full force to ensure the seats are full for opening night of the superhero extravaganza. One of the plans is to have a new featurette out every week highlighting the comic book backstories of each member of the league. The featurette will explain just who exactly each hero is for the casual fan who may not be as invested and informed as the hardcore fans who live and breath DC comics and know every one of the various backstories and how they have changed over the years.

Last week we got some insight into Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman and this week we received ‘The Flash: Comic Book Origins,’ a short featurette released on Twitter highlighting the origins of Barry Allen in the comic books, as well as filling in audiences as to who the character has become over the years. If the promo is any indication, a lot of key elements of Barry’s backstory will be used int he DCEU, including the fact that his mother was murdered when he was a kid, and that his father wrongfully took the blame, landing the man in prison for most of Barry’s life, leading Barry to become a scientist so he could figure out what really happened to his mom and free his father from prison. As for the origins of his powers, it looks like they are staying true to the idea that he was in his lab when a fateful incident involving lab chemicals and a bolt of lightning granted Barry access to the speed force, setting him up to become The Flash. Check out the video for yourself below!


What do you think of the DCEU’s take on ‘The Flash’ so far? How much do you think they are going to rely on his time-travel abilities based on what we’ve seen of them in ‘Batman V Superman’ and the fact that his stand-alone movie is going to be called ‘Flashpoint?’ Are you excited to see him up on the big screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!