The Orville cast concept art

Fans of Seth McFarlane’s ‘The Orville’ were very happy when Hulu picked up the series for Season 3, ensuring at least one more season of adventures and quips for the fan favorite crew, who had just saved and restored their timeline in the Season 2 finale. The potential for any number of variables to have changed in the process, means a lot of potential timeline changes and new adventures in Season 3. As for the reasons behind Hulu’s decision to pick up the beloved series, well it really is not all that complicated. The show apparently performed very well on the streaming service, so much so that Hulu wanted to pick it up to keep not only the original streaming audience, but also gain any new viewers who were originally watching on FOX. By picking the series, they would no longer have to split the audience with the linear network.

According to Hulu President Craig Erwich:

“‘The Orville’ has a very loyal following on Hulu so when there was an opportunity to bring a new season to our viewers we jumped at it, I will see the first episode next week. We’ll monitor and evaluate the show as it goes.”

Now some might be slightly worried that with Seth McFarlane’s new deal with NBC/Universal he might be pulled away from ‘The Orville’ or be unable to keep up the quality, but for anyone who knows about the man’s love for the series, stemming from his love of sci-fi and ‘Star Trek’ in particular, those fears should be minimal. It seems McFarlane has every reason to be very excited for the new season and with the idea of the show continuing, and if anyone is capable of doing multiple shows at the same time, it would be McFarlane, who’s time with FOX included an empire of animated series in which he produced and he did voice-work for almost every series.

Of course, one never knows what the future will bring, especially if McFarlane finds success elsewhere, but for the moment, it is hard to imagine the man walking away if Hulu renews the series for more seasons past the third, especially if the stories continue to be as entertaining and the fan base continues to be as excited as they are now.

Are you looking forward to the third season of the series on Hulu? Do you have any theories as to where McFarlane and company might take the story next? Feel free to share your opinions and ideas in the comments below!


Source: Cinemablend