Sometimes you just wish that a TARDIS really existed,  and someone in BBC America is probably wishing that right this moment.

In what can be most nicely described as a major “oops” (but in actuality is an epic fail), BBC America had inadvertently shipped out preorders of the ‘Doctor Who’ Season 7B Blu-ray/DVD set to those who had preordered it. The only problem with that was those who placed a preorder have now received the entire second half of Season 7… that includes the season finale episode ‘The Name of the Doctor’… a week before the episode airs.

The mistake was brought to light via twitter:





BBC and BBC America, on their part, have sent out tweets and Facebook messages urging those who received their orders to not post any spoilers, but when did that ever stop fandom? They have even resorted to a bit of bribery stating that if spoilers can be contained, a special clip of Matt Smith and David Tennant as the 11th and 10th Doctor will be released:



For obvious reasons, #DoctorWho is trending over at Twitter and there is an online cry from fellow Whovians  in hopes that those who have already received the Blu-ray/DVD set will keep from posting any spoilers until the episode airs next Saturday, just as much as the online cry for information about the finale.

It’s such a shame that all this hard work from the cast and production company for ‘Doctor Who’ to keep the secrets of ‘The Name of the Doctor’ may all go for naught, but many Whovians are hoping that the pleas will be heeded. Unfortunately, a quick perusal though the social media sites show that once this cat is out of the bag, it’s hard to put it back in.

So, unless you want the season finale of ‘Doctor Who’ ruined for you before it airs, it might be best to stay off the internet for the next few days. After all, “Spoilers!”