Rot & Ruin

Jonathan Maberry has just made a splash on Netflix with the live-action release of ‘V Wars‘ and now another of his series has been adapted. This time, Webtoon has created an animated take on his iconic zombie series ‘Rot & Ruin.’

‘Rot & Ruin’ is written and produced by two-time Bram Stoker Award Finalist, screenwriter, and development executive, Taylor Grant, with artwork by Alina Popovici.” It is a coming of age story set in a world where the undead has been a threat for so long that not only are they normalized but one of the public jobs is to be a zombie hunter.

The synopsis for the show is below:

Benny Imura and his friends must navigate a post-apocalyptic zombie-infected America in which teenagers are forced to find labor or face starvation. When Benny grudgingly joins his annoying older brother Tom as an apprentice zombie hunter, he soon discovers that almost everything he believed about his sheltered life is wrong–and zombies aren’t the greatest thing to fear in the Rot & Ruin. Based on the novel Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry.

The show has launched with 3-episodes, however, don’t expect to be able to binge this in a Netflix format! You’ll need to tune in every Monday to check out new episodes.

You can check out the first trailer for ‘Rot & Ruin’ right here:


According to Taylor Grant, SVP IP Development:

“As a long-time fan of both Jonathan Maberry and the Rot & Ruin series, I am truly honored to help bring this thought-provoking and wonderfully imaginative post-apocalyptic story to life as a web comic series. It is yet another example of Webtoon’s commitment to telling increasingly sophisticated stories that will continue to broaden our reach.”

For those interested in checking out adaptation out, please be sure to head over to ‘Rot & Ruin’ on Webtoon today!

Do you plan on checking out ‘Rot & Ruin’ on Webtoon? What did you think of the first trailer for the latest Jonathan Maberry series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!