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Another of Brian K. Vaughan‘s comic creations is being turned into a live-action venture! ‘Ex Machina’ is slated to be turned into a feature film with the title of ‘The Great Machine.’ Legendary Entertainment has hired Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel, who are the writing duo behind ‘Seberg’ to pen the script. Vaughan is attached as a producer on the movie.

Legendary was able to secure these rights from an overall deal that they have with the creator for any upcoming television and movie projects based on his work.

The story behind ‘Ex Machina’ follows Mitchell Hundred. After 9/11, this former superhero became the mayor of New York City. His extraordinary power was to have the ability to talk to mechanical devices, though his heroics were never the forefront of this comic. Instead, this was a tale of politics set in a backdrop of a superhero world. The film will focus on Hundred’s political career, possibly coming to an end and the source of his powers returning and seeking payment for his abilities.

Vaughan created ‘Ex Machina’ with artist Tony Harris in 2004, and the 2 had a highly successful 50-issue run under the DC imprint Wildstorm.


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The reason behind the name change is that Great Machine was the hero’s superhero name and with Alex Garland having directed the widely released and highly popular film that also shared the name ‘Ex Machina‘ in 2015, it makes sense not to share the same name to prevent any confusion.

This is the second attempt of a studio trying to adapt ‘Ex Machina’ as New Line had worked on it from 2005 to 2012. Cale Boyter oversaw the project at New Line and when he came to Legendary in 2016, he pushed to see his vision for the film realized.

Are you looking forward to ‘Ex Machina’ being turned into a feature film? Would you be interested in a political drama that happens to revolve around an ex-superhero? Share your thoughts in the comments below!