While we still don’t have news of an official cinematic film sequel to ‘Dredd,’ it was just announced that producer Adi Shankar is helping to fund a free online mini web series called ‘Dark Judges.’ The short series has been in one form of development or another for two years and has been on Shankar’s plate since the film itself bombed at the box office. Make sure not to confuse this one with the fan made series, ‘Cursed Edge.’

When Shankar originally spoke about this on a Reddit AMA, his plan was to make a short film and not a web series. “…I am working on a Dredd short in the vein of #DirtyLaundry, “he stated. “you’re actually the first person to know about this.”

There is no news on how this web series will tie into the movie in writing, directing, or if Karl Urban will return as Dredd. In fact, we don’t even know if Dredd will be involved at all.

The series is planned to be released in seven free installments and length wise to be almost a full feature film if combined together. If it is fully based on ‘The Dark Judges,’ we’ll see a radically different world that includes Judges Death, Fire, Fear and Mortis. These judges are undead from a parallel dimension and have concluded that all crime is committed by the living, so to stop crime you need to kill the living. While the concept could be a fun one, I suspect this isn’t what we’ll be seeing on screen as it is a little too far off from even the dystopian future that we’ve been given in Dredd’s world.

This isn’t the first set of mini’s that Shankar has been involved in as he has also financed unofficial Punisher and Venom short films. This time though he is trying to make the connection to the film official and not just a project born entirely out of passion.

Are you looking forward to whatever Adi Shankar puts out to further his vision of ‘Dredd’?

Source: Slash Film