Warwick Davis as Willow
Lucasfilm LTD/Disney

Screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan sparked a flurry of buzz on social media by announcing that work was beginning in earnest on a Disney+ series that will continue the story from the 1988 Ron Howard fantasy hit ‘Willow’.  But Warwick Davis, who played the titular dwarf hero, says not to get too hyped up just yet.

While Davis says that things are moving along smoothly, this project is still in the earliest stages of development and he isn’t even 100% certain that it will actually come together.  Speaking to Comic Soon, Davis stated:

“At this stage … the excitement of the fans and the internet, and what have you, has been overwhelming and has actually got a little bit ahead of the reality of things at this stage, which is very flattering.  But all the right people are kind of aligned – it’s like the stars have aligned in the heavens for Willow.

“I’d certainly relish the opportunity to play a character that I really enjoyed playing the first time around.  I’m a bit older and a bit wiser as an actor now, and the character would also be a bit older and wiser and I think there’s really an interesting story there. What has happened between the time we saw him in ‘Willow’ and now? Has he mastered the art of sorcery? What has happened there?

“I’m very much excited about the whole prospect.  I mean, who knew that we would ever come back or consider doing this again? Everything is looking fantastic, but we don’t know as of yet whether this will indeed become a reality. So, fingers crossed. I’m as excited as you are.”

So while the ‘Willow’ TV show isn’t a done deal just yet, it sounds like things look promising.


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Reportedly, Willow will be more of a supporting character on the series, while Elora Danan would be the focus.  Elora Danan was the baby that Willow came to protect when it was discovered that she was destined to lead to the downfall of the evil Queen Bavmorda.  Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley co-starred in the movie, but it is unknown whether they will be involved with the show.  (Kilmer and Whalley were married shortly after co-starring in ‘Willow’, but were later divorced in 2006, so it’s unknown if they would be willing to share the screen again.)

Howard is involved with the development, but his exact role is unknown.  He will most likely act as an executive producer.  Howard and Kasdan worked together on ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, a film in which Davis appeared, as Weazel.  Also for Disney, Kasdan penned the screenplay for the upcoming fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ flick.

George Lucas penned the screenplay for the original ‘Willow’ specifically for Davis, who co-starred in ‘Return of the Jedi’ as lead Ewok, Wicket W. Warrick.  Davis reprised that role for a cameo in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ and has appeared in numerous Lucasfilm projects, as well as the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, as Filius Flitwick.  Last year, he was seen in ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’.  But outside of these roles, Davis is probably best known for playing the titular menace in the ‘Leprechaun’ horror movies.

Are you anxiously awaiting the arrival of ‘Willow’ as a Disney+ series?  Check back for updates!