Eli Roth (‘Grindhouse’, ‘Cabin Fever’) took a six year break between ‘Hostel: Part II’ and ‘Hemlock Grove‘. Immediately after, he jumped into ‘The Green Inferno’ and it looks like now that he’s back in the saddle, he’s still not slowing down at all! The next film he will be directing is titled ‘Knock Knock’ which he just finished co-writting with Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoedo.

The story is set to follow two young girls who are out to ruin a man’s life. The two young women show up at the house of the married man and at first seduce him then shortly try to destroy the perfect life that he has built up. No news if the living hell they put him through is that night or over a period of time. Also no news yet if they are just insane or have a personal vendetta against this man. Depending on the route they go in ruining the man’s life, this could be a great film. If it falls into the genre of ‘torture porn’ (which he was so known for with the ‘Hostel’ films), I’d say I would have no problems passing on it. More in line with his other work though with a highly psychological type or drama? That I could get behind.

The film is on a budget of $10 million and begins production this coming April. Roth is pretty used to a range of budgets so this should be pretty easy work for him. With another new project in the pipeline it sould be pointed out that he’s still attached to direct ‘Harker which at one point had Russell Crowe (‘Gladiator’, ‘Man of Steel‘) set to play Dracula.

What do you think of Roth returning to the director’s chair? Any thoughts on the plot on his new film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Wrap