Willow 2 Warwick Davis

Making sequels to 80s films have been all the rage as of late and one that has been coming up more often in conversations in the 1988 release of ‘Willow‘ which was directed by Ron Howard. The famed director recently worked on the critically acclaimed but box office failure of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ and one of the actors he included in the film was Warwick Davis who played Willow Ufgood in the film.

Davis is known to some as the Ewok Wicket from ‘Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi’ and a variety of other characters in the franchise. To others, he was Professor Filius Flitwick from the “Harry Potter” franchise though Willow is still one of his stand out roles.

When asked if he would be interested in reprising his role as Willow, Davis responded:

“That would be hugely exciting….revisiting Willow as a character, now he’s older and wiser and perhaps even a better sorcerer, who knows by now, would be brilliant fun. I would absolutely love to do that. Ron and I we chatted about Willow quite a lot. Jon Kasdan who was obviously the screenwriter on Solo, he’s a pretty big fan of Willow, it’s one of the reasons he got into screenwriting and filmmaking. He and I talked a lot about where we could take Willow in the future.”

While the chances of this particular 80s film getting a follow up might not initially seem likely, the odds seem to be in its favor during the filming ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’:

“I remember a particular day which was very special on Solo. I was working with the second unit and Ron, and I got a message through saying “oh George [Lucas] is here today, he’d like to see you.’ So I went on set, it was the day they were on the Falcon. I remember myself, George, Jon Kasdan, Kathy Kennedy all chatting about Willow. I would think ‘this is like the stars have aligned right here. If anybody’s going to get a sequel or something else made in regard to Willow, this is it, and this is the time to do it.’ Who knows, kind of watch this space, I guess.”

The movie is a cult classic that has been loved by generations of fans over the years. Unfortunately, much like ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story,’ it didn’t have a successful box office run. ‘Willow’ is one film that could benefit from a sequel thanks to Hollywood’s love of commercializing nostalgia and with fantasy still being a huge market these days, it is something that we might end up seeing happen.

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Source: Cinema Blend.