Netflix doesn’t normally divulge its streaming numbers, but the service has announced which shows were the most streamed for 2019, and sci-fi and fantasy dominated!

Stranger Things 3 -Netflix

The #1 most-viewed series was ‘Stranger Things 3’, which should come as no surprise as it shattered Netflix streaming records when it arrived on July 4.  At that time, Netflix announced:

“40.7 million household accounts have been watching the show since its July 4 global launch — more than any other film or series in its first four days. And 18.2 million have already finished the entire season.”

After the success of ‘Stranger Things 3’, the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers signed a huge overall deal with Netflix to produce a fourth season (which may or may not be the last) in addition to other projects.

The Witcher -Netflix

Not only is ‘Stranger Things 3’ the most-watched Netflix series for 2019, but it’s the second-most-watched original programming overall, coming in behind the Adam Sandler movie ‘Murder Mystery’.

Pulling a last-minute upset, the new series ‘The Witcher’, which just launched on December 20, is the second-most-watched show on Netflix for 2019.  It looks as though many people took advantage of being off from work or school for Christmas in order to binge this fantasy series which stars Henry Cavill.

Critics haven’t been kind, but viewers seem to be loving it, which is great news as this is reportedly the most expensive show Netflix has ever produced.  A second season is already on its way.

The Umbrella Academy -Netflix

‘The Umbrella Academy’ comes in at #3.  That series is based on the comic book by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, and the second season began filming in September.  Those new episodes are expected to arrive early in 2020.

Another comic book-based series, ‘Raising Dion’, lands at the #10 spot on the list.  ‘Raising Dion’ also places #1 on the list of most-streamed “kid and family” series on Netflix for the year.

Below is the list of the Top 10 series on Netflix for 2019:

  1. Stranger Things 3
  2. The Witcher
  3. The Umbrella Academy
  4. Dead to Me
  5. You – Season 2
  6. When They See Us
  7. Unbelievable
  8. Sex Education
  9. 13 Reasons Why
  10. Raising Dion

Below is the list of most-watched releases of any sort– movies or series, original and not:

  1. Murder Mystery
  2. Stranger Things 3
  3. 6 Underground
  4. Incredibles 2
  5. The Irishman
  6. The Witcher
  7. Triple Frontier
  8. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
  9. The Umbrella Academy
  10. The Highwaymen

As you can see, ‘Stranger Things 3’, ‘The Witcher’ and ‘The Umbrella Academy’ did very well, even up against big-name projects like the Michael Bay movie ‘6 Underground’ and Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’.

Raising Dion -Netflix

Below is the listing of top kid and family series.  As mentioned, ‘Raising Dion’ came in at #1, followed by the new animated series ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ inspired by the Dr. Seuess classic, and ‘Lost in Space’ Season 2.  The placement of ‘Lost in Space’ is positive, considering that like ‘The Witcher’, it was just released on December 24.  It’s another extremely expensive production, so additional seasons aren’t guaranteed.  It may not have charted in the Top 10 of shows overall, but this listing would indicate that it may have a shot at a future.  It hasn’t been renewed for a third season yet.

‘Lost in Space’ is followed on this list by the fantasy puppet series ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’, which has been critically acclaimed.  A second season hasn’t been ordered yet.

For some bizarre reason, the #5 show on this list is the Nickelodeon series ‘Victorious’ which ended in 2013.

Lost in Space – Netflix
  1. Raising Dion
  2. .Green Eggs and Ham
  3. Lost in Space – Season 2
  4. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
  5. Victorious
  6. You vs. Wild
  7. Nailed It! – Season 3
  8. Fuller House – Season 5
  9. Family Reunion
  10. Mighty Little Bheem

What were your favorite Netflix shows of 2019?  Did yours make the Top 10?


Source: EW