The Eternals

When we meet ‘The Eternals’ in their debut feature film, it will be revealed that they will unsurprisingly already know all about The Avengers. As ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ has shown, there is no lack of knowledge about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, so this really shouldn’t come as a shock to audiences. If anything, I suspect fans are wondering if S.H.I.E.L.D. knows about this race of super-powered beings who are likely living among humankind.

Kevin Feige was talking about Marvel Studios’ next set of heroes at CCXP and while he wouldn’t give away much did give this revelation:

“The Eternals know about the existence of The Avengers. The Avengers don’t know much about The Eternals…Yet. Celestials are a big part of it, you’ve seen a little of the Celestials in Guardians of the Galaxy. Nowhere is the severed head of a Celestial. We will see the Celestials in their full, true enormous power in The Eternals.”

It is unclear at this time if we’ll see the Celestials coming to Earth in modern times or not. We do know that The Eternals is set to span quite a long period of time, so it just as likely that we’ll be seeing these God-like alien creatures coming through our solar system in the past.


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I’m eager to see if any of The Eternals will comment on The Avengers being the ones to not only stop Thanos but undo his work of decimating half the galaxy.

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‘ The Eternals’ will be making their way to the big screen on November 6th, 2020