It is no surprise nowadays when you see sequels to big budget Hollywood blockbusters get churned out over and over again, especially when there is a superhero involved. The same can also be said of horror franchises, with recent series’ like ‘Saw,’ ‘Paranormal Activity,’ and ‘Final Destination’ proving that your film does not have to be a critical hit to be a hit with fans, who will keep coming back every time to experience the thrill and excitement they remembered from the original. And when you have a hybrid film series, one that combines aspects of the superhero with aspects from horror, you can imagine how well the studio hopes that film can do. Unfortunately, the two franchises that best exemplify that combo are the ‘Resident Evil’ movies, and the ‘Underworld’ films, neither of which does very well at the box office, nor with critics. Of course, that does not mean they do not have some hardcore fans, and with how cheaply these franchises are made, they do not have to make back that much money to be considered successful, hence all the sequels.

Recently, we had heard that the plan for ‘Underworld’ was to reboot the franchise and relaunch, but now it seems that they have decided to make yet another sequel starring the ever-talented Kate Beckinsale, the anchor that kept the franchise going through all the previous films, and prevents the movies from being completely awful. And now we have a trailer for the new film, ‘Underworld: Blood Wars,’ which yet again shows the Vampires at war with the lycan Werewolves, with the trailer shows a special interest on both sides in obtaining blood from Beckinsale’s Selene.

Check out the trailer for yourself, and then share your thoughts on the ‘Underworld’ franchise in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant

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