We knew that Bryan Singer (‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’,’Jack the Giant Slayer’) was eyeing the modern day remake of ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea‘ and now we’ve learned that he has officially signed on to direct the film once his work on ‘X-Men: Apocalypse‘ is done! Honestly this was kind of a no brainer as when he last was talking about the film he mentioned that the script was finished as “It’s my 50th birthday (ouch), and I just put the finishing touches on the script for my next film. A story I’ve wanted to retell since childhood. I promise this will be an epic and emotional adventure for all ages! An adventure very dear to my heart.  Not abandoning the #xmen universe. Very excited about #xmenapocalypse and beyond. #julesverne #20000leaguesunderthesea #nemo.”

With how much work he puts into the X-Men Cinematic Universe, I can only imagine what he’ll do with a film that he is even more passionate about.

This adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic novel has been in pre-development hell for years with David Fincher at one point being attached to direct and fans of Singer’s work are probably thrilled to see the earlier iteration scrubbed. As 20th Century Fox is behind the film and Singer’s past successes with the studio it seems that the project would get the green light from the first we had heard about it. With a script in hand that has been approved by Rick Sordelet and Dan Studney we’ll see Singer not just directing but also producing with Jason Taylor of Bad Hat Harry Productions.

Aside from gushing over the script above, Singer has also said that:

“Ever since I was a boy and first discovered the 1870 Jules Verne novel, I have dreamt of retelling this classic story.”

He has noted that in this modernization we’ll see the classics of Captain Nemo, Ned Land, and Professor Aronnax but also that they’ll be joined by “new and original characters” and that the film will incorporate “sci-fi plot twists” in order to updated for today’s audiences.

While there is currently no release date for the film it is only a matter of time before we’ll be hearing more.

Are you looking forward to Singer’s vision for ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ or have his non-X-Men films made you weary of what he’ll be doing with it? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant