The 'Code 8' Trailer Shows Stephen And Robbie Amell Ready For Action

Stephen and Robbie Amell might be known for their roles on ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ but now these two are teaming up for ‘Code 8.’ The trailer for this new superhero film which is described as a passion project for the two actors has dropped and has also become a reality thanks to their fans. Specifically, the film raised its production costs on Indiegogo, earning just under $2.5 million from fans sponsoring it.

The film was written by Chris Paré and directed by Jeff Chan and is set to be available in both theaters and on-demand this December 13th, 2019!

In the world of ‘Code 8’, we’re shown a society that has 4 percent of the population ends up having some kind of superpower. However, this doesn’t translate into a world that has superheroes or a lucrative way to legally use these powers. Instead, due to discrimination, those that have powers are discriminated against and often turn to a life of crime.

The movie follows Robbie Amell’s character Connor Reed who is desperately trying to help cover his mother’s medical bills who is played by Kari Matchett. Connor isn’t able to get ahead as a day laborer, and Stephen Amell’s Garrett brings him into a life of crime. Lincoln City’s drug lord Marcus Sutcliffe is played by Greg Bryk, and now Connor is working for him. The two train in their powers to become better criminals and soon find themselves behind hunted by a militarized police unit.

This unit consists of Sung Kang as Agent Park and Aaron Abrams as Agent Davis, who are tasked with hunting the pair down.

You can check out the ‘Code 8’ trailer right here:


It is always fun to see actors tempted into joining a crowd-funded production, and it looks like it could be entertaining.

Did the trailer for ‘Code 8’ have you interested in checking out the film? Are you looking forward to seeing Stephen and Robbie Amell play villains in this film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Entertainment Weekly