Arrow‘ is doubling down on the League of Assasins and plans to introduce Lexa Doig as Talia Al Ghul and actually do so in a way to possibly explain some of the questionable scenes that we’ve seen so far. Way back in Season 2 when Sara had first mentioned the League of Assassins, Oliver had already known that they were true and not just a myth so it seems that the fifth season is going to explain his knowledge of the clandestine organization – with flashbacks!

When asked about how Talia will enter the series, Stephen Amell wasn’t too open about it but did say:

“We learn about Talia before we meet her — and she is, I think, our gateway to really accelerating the flashback storyline.”

It sounds like we’ll be seeing the flashbacks tell us the truth about how Arrow knew about the League in the first place and be our initial introduction to Talia before she pops up in the present. It is hard to say if we’ll see her actually in the flashbacks or just have her and the League mentioned here. Chances are that however, she does show up though that Nyssa will be involved.

We won’t see her physically on screen until the 10th episode of this season but there are plenty of ways to foreshadow her appearance before that happens.

Generally in the comics we see Talia Al Ghul as a love interest of Batman and while it is doubtful that the Caped Crusader will ever make an appearance on the show this would be a great lead in for it to happen. Or, perhaps our hero will be taking Bruce’s place in Talia’s heart.

Are you looking forward to the reveal of Talia Al Ghul on the small screen? Do you think we’ll see her in the past at first or just in the present? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: TV Line

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