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If you tuned in to the ‘Crisis Aftermath’ recap show hosted by Kevin Smith, you got a special treat in the form of the first full trailer for ‘Stargirl’, a series that was developed for the DC Universe streaming service, but that will now be released through both that and The CW.  If you didn’t catch it then, you’re in luck, as you can check it out here now!

Brec Bassinger stars as the titular fledgling superhero, also known as high school student Courtney Whitmore, who discovers the powerful Cosmic Staff previously used by the superhero Starman (Joel McHale).  It turns out that Courtney’s new stepfather, Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) was Starman’s sidekick, Stripesy, but now the Staff has chosen Courtney to be its new wielder, despite Pat’s wishes to the contrary.

Check out the trailer below:


Amy Smart co-stars as Courtney’s mother, Barbara Whitmore Dugan, and Trae Romano plays her step-brother, Mike Dugan.


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As McHale’s Starman utters with his last breath, “The Justice Society must live on.”  It doesn’t seem as though Pat was able to accomplish this, but Courtney may succeed where he failed.

Kevin Smith, Geoff Johns, and Dani Fernandez – Photo: Chris Frawley/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The series was created by Geoff Johns, who also acts as showrunner.  Johns appeared on ‘Crisis Aftermath’ to introduce the clip, saying:

“She’s the first character I ever wrote in comic books and created her in my very first comic book.  She was inspired by my late sister, so it means a lot to me personally to have come off the page and onto the screen like this, and to work with the crew and the cast that I did. It was amazing.”

He also talked about casting Bassinger in the lead role:

“I looked at so many casting tapes and people that came in. Actually Brec Bassinger — she plays Stargirl, she’s amazing —right when I saw her, I was like, ‘That’s her.’ She actually is a superhero to me. She’s an amazing actor to work with. She embodies like a heroic nature, [is] super nice, and incredibly talented. But it was her humor and heart that came through in that tape. Then, she came in and read for us live and it just confirmed everything that I felt.  For Pat Dugan, played by Luke Wilson, I wrote the part for him. I didn’t know him, but when I wrote Pat Dugan, I thought of Luke Wilson and I wrote him a letter. I said, ‘Hey, I wrote this for you,’ and he loved it.”

‘Stargirl’ also stars Meg Delacy as Shiv/Cindy Burman, Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Hourman/Rex Tyler, Neil Hopkins as Sportsmaster/Lawrence Crock, Nelson Lee as The Dragon King, Joy Osmanski as The Tigress/Paula Crock, Brian Stapf as Wildcat/Ted Grant, and Henry Thomas as Doctor Mid-Nite/Charles McNider, plus Christopher James Baker, Cameron Gellman, Neil Jackson, Hina Khan, Yvette Monreal, Hunter Sansone, Jake Austin Walker, and Anjelika Washington.

DC Universe and The CW have yet to announce a release date, but ‘Stargirl’ is expected to light up TV screens in the second quarter of 2020.


Source: Entertainment Weekly