Jessica Jones

Consequences. This notion has long been key to Marvel’s storytelling. As far back as the 1960s, Marvel emphasized continuity – and thus, consequences – in ways that DC simply didn’t, at least at the time. It’s an ethos that has carried from Marvel’s comics to their films and eventually to their TV shows. And there is perhaps no character who embodies this more than Jessica Jones. After all, if you had to define the character in ten words or less, you’d almost certainly include some variation of “cynical PTSD survivor.” In other words, she’s a character defined by consequences.

And the upcoming second season of her Netflix series will certainly see Jessica face the consequences of her actions in the first. In particular, the end of that season saw her snap the neck of her abuser, Kilgrave (memorably played by David Tennant). While that might at first glance seem like a win, it’s actually more of a pyrrhic victory for the private detective.  As showrunner Melissa Rosenberg explains:

“On the one hand, she’s gotten rid of a bad guy, but on the other hand she’s become what he wanted her to become, so she’s very deep in doubt about who she is.”

Star Krysten Ritter elaborates on this, delving into what makes Jessica tick in the wake of Kilgrave’s death:

“She’s almost afraid of her power, and it strikes me that she’s worried that she’s going to lose control of herself. She wants to be a good person and she tries, but she is dealing with her PTSD and her rage issues, as well as anger, isolation, and loneliness.”

On top of all this, Rosenberg notes that the season will deal with the contrast between Jessica’s public perception and her own self-image. In a world that idolizes Captain America, the idea of a “hero for hire” is a powerful one. Of course, while Jessica will be, according to Rosenberg, “attracting clients who want her to be a hero,” she continues to see herself as anything but.

‘Jessica Jones’ features returning stars Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Carrie-Ann Moss, and Eka Darville alongside newcomers Janet McTeer and J.R. Ramirez. The second season of the acclaimed superhero drama will be available to stream on Netflix beginning on March 8, 2018.