Wonder Woman 1984
Warner Brothers

The ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ trailer will make its world premiere in just days at Brazil’s CCXP 2019.  But in case you can’t make it to Brazil in time to see it in person, you can stream the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ panel, which will be attended by director Patty Jenkins, and star Gal Gadot.

The panel is set to begin on Sunday, December 8, at 3:30 pm EST/12:30 pm PST.  You can live stream it on Twitter.  There will also be a live stream on Facebook, at  Wonder Woman 1984 Facebook page.  That will be available at 5 pm EST/ 2 pm PST.  (It’s not clear whether that is a separate broadcast or a reairing of the Twitter live stream.)

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ was originally scheduled to have opened already, on November 1, but it was shifted to an early June release.  The first ‘Wonder Woman’ opened on June 2 and was a massive success, so it makes sense to position the sequel for a similar release.


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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is set about 50 years after the first movie, during the Cold War.  Not only is Gadot back in the title role, but Chris Pine returns as Steve Trevor too.  Kristen Wiig joins as Barbara Minerva, an archaeologist and friend of Diana’s who transforms into the lethal monster The Cheetah.  Pedro Pascal will also appear as Maxwell Lord, a businessman in the comics, who also has telepathic abilities.  Reportedly, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright are also returning from the first film.

Warner Brothers

‘Wonder Woman’ grossed $412.5 million at the domestic box office, $821.8 million worldwide.  It followed the poor reception to ‘Batman V Superman’, in which Gadot debuted in the role of Wonder Woman, and was seen as a course correction for Warner Brothers’ DC Comics movies.

There are already plans in place for a third ‘Wonder Woman’ movie that will be set in the present.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ opens on June 5, 2020.


Source: Collider