While ‘Hannibal‘ is still investigating possibilities of a new home after being cancelled, it looks as if one possibility is switching from a series to a feature length film to close out the show. After NBC dropped the series, fans hoped that it may appear on Netflix. However, due to Amazon owning the streaming rights there wasn’t much that could be done. With NBC out of the picture, Amazon wasn’t too keen to pick up the show and any other streaming service would have the same issue as Netflix.

Things weren’t looking good for Fannibals.

However, that all changed when first ‘Hannibal’ producer DeLaurentiis Company said that:


While that sounded just an idea seemed to become more grounded as they aren’t the only ones who are pushing forward with this one. We ended up hearing more at the ‘Savor the Hunt’ panel from San Diego Comic-Con 2015 from showrunner Bryan Fuller himself. He not only confirmed that a ‘Hannibal’ feature film could be a possibility but stated that:

“The idea for Season 4 that we were intending to do could go into a film very easily.”

While he didn’t clarify which plot they would be looking to follow, he did confirm that both Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen would return if they could arrange the series to air on another network or finish things off with a feature film. While there are rights issues here as well to overcome, but a feature film sounds as if there are less hurdles than trying to put together another season.

Are you happy to hear that there is still a chance we’ll be seeing more ‘Hannibal’? Would you be okay with the series ending up in a feature length film instead of another season? Share your thoughts below fellow Fannibals!

Source: Slash Film