Henry Cavill as Superman

Reports have been coming out that Warner Bros. and DC are looking for a way to rebootSuperman.’ After the success of both ‘Joker’ and ‘Shazam!,’ the studio believes the character who was re-introduced in ‘Man of Steel’ didn’t resonate with audiences. While I fully agree with this sentiment, ctor Henry Cavill feels there is still a way to use his take on Clark Kent/Superman to bring about a vision which moviegoers would flock to see.

Many are disappointed with how ‘Justice League’ ended up and believe that the Snyder Cut would have given Superman the course correction which fans deserved. Cavill, himself, has stated that they had a plan to show Superman evolve and that still seems to be something on his mind:

“I’d like to delve more into the aspect of Superman [that] we traditionally know, coupled with where we left him with Man of Steel. It’s the hero who is trying to exist in a world where people may say he’s not relevant anymore — where, actually, he’s extraordinarily relevant, and it’s him coming to terms with that and becoming that relevance and showing people that hope does exist without it being too chocolate box.”

Cavill added he still wanted his Superman “to still have an edge but to have some warmth to it and to have some hope to it.”


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I feel that there is absolutely a course they could take which would redeem Cavill’s Man of Steel and make it shine. However, I’m not sure that DC and Warner Bros. want to take the risk. With how poorly most of the DC live-action films have performed before ‘Wonder Woman,’ it would come as no surprise that they’d prefer to continue forward in the new direction, which seems to be working for them.

Of course, that still means that at some point they’ll likely have to address 2 out of DC’s 3 most famous characters being recast. The upcoming ‘The Batman’ movie might be explained away by saying it takes place in the past, but with Ben Affleck and possibly Henry Cavill not returning to their respective superhero roles, it would seem out of place to continue with ‘Aquaman’, ‘Wonder Woman’, and possibly ‘The Flash’ without ever mentioning Superman or Batman again.

Would you be open to seeing Henry Cavill return as ‘Superman’ in DC films? If they do reboot the character, would you like to see that happen sooner or later? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: ET