For such a high profile movie, ‘Batman V Superman’ has managed to keep a tight lid on specifics.  Last year, while filming, Jena Malone Instagramed a photo of herself with freshly-colored red hair.  The immediate assumption was that she’d been cast as Carrie Kelly, the female Robin from the Frank Miller graphic novel ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ a seminal Batman story that was well-known as a major inspiration for this film.

A version of the character was recently introduced in the regular DC Universe, and many times publishers will make adjustments to better reflect multimedia adaptations.  Malone could certainly work in the sidekick role, despite being somewhat older than the teen character in the book.  In ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ and ‘Sucker Punch,’ she proved that she has the chops for an action role.

No one connected with the film’s production attempted to dispel the rumor, which could mean two things.  It could be true, but not considered a huge secret.  Or it could be false, but the producers or director Zack Snyder felt that allowing fans to think otherwise would divert them from the real truth.

Now three separate sources close to the film have revealed that those Carrie Kelly rumors were just that, rumors.  Now it sounds as if Malone will actually be playing a much more iconic character, Barbara Gordon!  Babs also has red hair.  And depending on the period of time, playing her could require the same level of physicality.

That’s where the big question arises, which incarnation of Barbara will Malone portray?  Among the general public, Barbara Gordon is best (and in most cases only) known as Batgirl, the kung fu kicking super hero– younger than Batman, but older than your typical Robin.  Secretly the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl was created for the live action ‘Batman’ TV show and was played by the lovely Yvonne Craig, but the character was also added to the comic books.

While she was one of the most licensed and recognizable female super heroes, she was never a headliner and in the grim ‘n gritty 80s, she was taken off the board when The Joker shot and paralyzed her in her civilian identity in the graphic novel ‘The Killing Joke.’ 

She was recently healed and resumed her Batgirl identity.

But, during the time she was bound to a wheelchair, Barbara, in many ways, went on to greater success as a DC character.  Using her photographic memory and computer expertise, she became Oracle, the information broker to the various heroes, most notably as a member of the Justice League and the leader of the Birds of Prey.

Dina Meyer played Barbara as both Oracle and, in a flashback, Batgirl on the short-lived series ‘Birds of Prey’ but the characters Chloe Sullivan (‘Smallville’) and Felicity Smoak (‘Arrow’) are both thinly-veiled analogues of Oracle.

Both identities have their pros and cons.  Batgirl is instantly recognizable and iconic, and more useful in a fight.  But Oracle, despite being in a wheelchair, provides a unique and valuable service, with her computer hacking and near limitless information gathering skills.

It’s a win-win, if you ask me.  Barbara is a dynamic character, regardless of her alter ego.  Sure Batgirl is her more famous identity and it would be awesome to see her on the big screen (yes, I’m ignoring Alicia Silverstone’s turn in ‘Batman & Robin’).  But with so many costumed crime fighters filling up the DC Cinematic Universe, Oracle may stand out just by being a plain-clothed alternative that fills a different role that no one in tights can.

What do you think?  Do you want to see Malone as Batgirl or Oracle?  Or would you prefer that the Carrie Kelly rumors actually prove true?  Comment below!

Source: Latino Review