According To Jack Quaid, 'The Boys' Season 2 Is "Absolutely Bonkers"!

Amazon Studios‘ ‘The Boys‘ ended on one Hell of a cliffhanger and if you thought the first season was nuts the second season will be absolutely bonkers according to Jack Quaid. The actor plays Hugh “Hughie” Campbell on the show and was recently interviewed about his work on the upcoming third season for Netflix’s ‘Harvey Girls Forever!’ where his work on the Amazon series came up.

According to Quaid:

“Oh man, no one is ready for Season 2. It’s just absolutely bonkers. I’ll just put it this way, the scale is a lot bigger. I think we’ve topped season one, in terms of insane moments that make you say ‘What the hell?’ I’ve done things this season that are definite firsts for me in my career, and I probably won’t do them again since. Definitely a moment… I can’t give it away, but when you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

In order to ramp things up for the second season, the series will be “bigger,” but they aren’t leaving character development on the cutting room floor in exchange for more action.

“And I think we’ve gotten way deeper with every single character on the show. It’s bigger, but it’s a lot deeper with everyone. And I think that that’s what’s important about Season 2 is not that you just go bigger and have more fights – which we totally have – but that you really delve into the characters and understand what makes them tick. And I know from Hughie’s perspective, we get into a lot of that. So yeah. I’m just really excited for people to see season two. I think it’s even better than season one, in my opinion.”

While the first season did have a few big moments and a cliffhanger leaving everyone wanting more, it is easy to see how the series could really ramp up the action and character development. I’m thrilled that it sounds like they plan to focus on both of these areas.

Are you excited for the second season of ‘The Boys’? In what ways do you think the show will end up being “bigger”? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

An exact release date for ‘The Boys’ Season 2 has yet to be revealed, but Karl Urban says to expect it “Mid 2020.”


Source: Comic Book