Eric Kripke Shares A Few Hints Of What To Expect In 'The Boys' Season 2

Fans of ‘The Boys‘ on Amazon were shocked at that amazing cliffhanger it ended on. Not only that, but fans of the comics likely weren’t expecting it to play out quite that way either. While the show is keeping us hanging, thankfully, showrunner Eric Kripke is being a little more open as to what we can expect moving forward as well. Kripke has revealed some of the plot threads and themes which we can look forward to in Season 2 without giving away specifics of what we’ll end up seeing.

Warning, there are spoilers from Season 1 below.


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Right off the bat, Kripke delves into the end of the first season and what that means going forward:

“Once you end up on that season 1 cliffhanger, you know that’s going to be a big part of season 2, you know that Stillwell’s death is going to be a big part of season 2, and superheroes being in the military. I always try to write the season finale as a pilot for the following season and make sure that whatever we’re talking about in that finale are issues we’re going to be interested in exploring next year.”

As mentioned, we can expect military involvement as well as Stillwell’s death to have a significant impact on the second season. While Butcher‘s child isn’t mentioned here at all, this is likely one of the points he meant to have included as the finale being a “pilot for the following season.”

Kripke also teased:

“So far, we’ve been doing that, and it’s been turning out well. We have this real quirk of the show that it keeps reflecting reality. Now people are scared of people coming over the border, and people are feeling like we might have to go to war, and suddenly the world is so much more of an intense place than it used to be — and so is our season 2.”

Did you love the first season of Amazon’s ‘The Boys’? What else do you hope they end up covering in the second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Entertainment Weekly