We still don’t know if Marvel’s ‘Inhumans‘ on ABC is going to have the royal family end up as new Inhumans or show the Royal Family having been off their planet or in hiding for years, but the first production clip of Black Bolt shows him on the run! Anson Mount’s take on the character right off the bat is a bit worrisome for anyone who has hoped that the Royal Family are fully in charge as they are in the comics as Black Bolt isn’t known to be one to run.

He’s also not known to be in civilian clothes most of the time aside from his recent preference on wearing suits over his normal costume. You can check out the clip and some stills below:

With the police hot on his trail, it seems that Black Bolt’s attempt to fit in by wearing a suit isn’t working that successfully. He isn’t known to be subtle in most instances with a simple look being able to command a room so it should come as no surprise that he found a way to get in trouble with local law enforcement.

I’m not surprised that shots from Attilan aren’t showing up if we do end up on the Moon or with a galactic setting as that would mostly be CGI or in slightly more exotic locations.

Are you looking forward to checking out Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Inhumans’ will be available in IMAX for two weeks on September 1st, 2017 and debut on ABC on September 26th, 2017.

Source: Hawaii Isla 808 via Screen Rant

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