Star Wars

Back in September, Disney CEO Bob Iger admitted that the mega-studio forced out too many ‘Star Wars’ movies too close together, after ‘The Last Jedi’ fell ever-so-slightly short, and then ‘Solo’ outright failed.  But Disney had already announced that there would be a couple of years before another film arrived, following this winter’s ‘The Rise of Skywalker’.

However, that next picture was going to be part one of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss‘ trilogy.  Then last week, the duo announced that they were walking away from their ‘Star Wars’ project in order to focus on their development deal with Netflix.  What will take its place?  Apparently nothing.

Variety’s Brent Lang tweeted:

‘The Last Jedi’-helmer Rian Johnson is working on a separate trilogy although there are loads of speculation that this won’t come to fruition either, after ‘The Last Jedi’ was not well-liked by a large number of diehard fans.  Johnson himself has even made some comments that make it seem that this project may never come to fruition.


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Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige is also working on a ‘Star Wars’ project, but it is believed that this will just be one movie.

My thoughts?  I can’t imagine anyone being upset about this.  It’s clear that the public is satisfied or overly so with the volume of ‘Star Wars’ product out there.  I don’t think anyone feels there needs to be more.  Let ‘The Mandalorian’ and whatever else they have planned for Disney+ breathe and develop a following.

And above all else, don’t just crank out subpar ‘Star Wars’ movies to meet some imaginary quota.  As we’ve seen, fans either want quality or nothing.

What do you think?