The Boys: Karl Urban Announces S2 Has Wrapped; Here's When It Will Premiere
Amazon Prime Video

‘The Boys’ was an immediate hit when it arrived on Amazon Prime Video last summer, and it sounds as though fans can expect the second season to arrive around the same time next year.  Karl Urban heads up the cast as Billy Butcher, a man with a very personal grudge against the community of “Supes” that lord over the normal human population.  The actor took to Instagram to share the news that Season 2 has wrapped and that fans can expect it “Mid 2020.”  The first season dropped on July 27the of this year, right after San Diego Comic-Con, so it looks like that’s when fans can expect the second dose.


Of course, this means that the cast and crew will likely be on hand at SDCC again next year to promote the show, as they did this past year.  Last year, everyone wanted to know what to expect.  Now that millions have watched it, and a lot of them love it, expect their reception to be even more impassioned!  The pilot episode was screen at this year’s SDCC, so it wouldn’t be at all surprising if the first episode of Season 2 gets a screening next year.

Season 1 ended with quite a cliffhanger involving Billy Butcher, in which he was confronted with a shocking discovery involving a connection to the bizarre Homelander, this world’s emotionally stunted pastiche of Superman, with a sprinkle of Captain America.  So fans at SDCC may have the good fortune of discovering what comes next before everyone else.

Were you a fan of ‘The Boys’ Season 1?  If you haven’t viewed it all, it’s available in its entirety on Amazon Prime Video.