Lawrence Kasdan Says The Studio "Blew it" With 'Solo' And He Won't Be Doing More 'Star Wars'

Will we ever see more Star Wars movies from Lawrence Kasdan, the co-writer of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story?’  My Magic 8-ball says its sources say no.  Kasdan reported that back when Lucasfilm approached him to be involved in a new set of films, he told them:

“It’s been very good to me, but I don’t want to do it anymore.”

However, as we know,  he was convinced to help write the script for ‘Solo’ and later, ‘The Force Awakens.’  He was disappointed by the poor box office receipts for ‘Solo,’ commenting:

“Then the studio blew it, but that’s not unusual.”

He went on to say that afterward, Lucasfilm tried to keep him involved in the films.  He rebuffed them, but they persisted to the point that they sent a messenger to his house to try and hand-deliver the script to him.  Even that didn’t work though.  Kasdan said:

“I never saw this poor messenger they sent.  I said, ‘I can’t take it.’ I didn’t want to sit down and read someone else’s ‘Star Wars’ movie. I’m just not interested in ‘Star Wars.'”

He added that he was honored by the requests:

“Don’t think for a second I don’t know how lucky I am that they’re sending a Star Wars script to my door and I can say, ‘No, I won’t accept it.’ You have to be in a very privileged situation to do that, and I don’t ever take that for granted.”

It seems pretty clear that Kasdan is done with the ‘Star Wars’ universe.  However, we might see him shaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  When asked, he is apparently open to the idea of working with them.  He said:

“[I have a] perfect relationship with Marvel, in that I enjoy going to their movies.”

As do I Mr. Kasdan, as do I.

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Source: Syfy Wire