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Perhaps Jacob Tremblay should start calling himself Jacob “The Rock” Tremblay because he is becoming one of the busiest actors in Hollywood.  After breaking out in the movie ‘Room’, he went on to costar in ‘Shut In’, ‘Wonder’, and ‘The Predator’.  He supplied the voice for ‘Pete the Cat’, and also starred in the “Wunderkind” episode of the new version of ‘The Twilight Zone’.  It was rumored that he collected $100,000 for two days’ work on the upcoming ‘Doctor Sleep’.  All at the ripe ol’ age of 12!

Now he is heading up the voice cast of ‘The Kid: An Animated Adventure’, a modernization of the silent movie, ‘The Kid’, which was written, produced , directed by, and starred Charlie Chaplin.  In the original, Chaplin plays The Tramp, a hobo that finds an abandoned baby, who he raises, but teaches to help him commit minor crimes.  At the age of five, The Kid goes around breaking windows so that The Tramp can come along and offer to fix them for a fee.

In the new version, The Kid doesn’t appear to have been abandoned by his mother but is rather a child of privilege who runs away from a sterile existence to find adventure.

The reimagining, now titled The Kid: An Animated Adventure, is set in a futuristic New York City which has been flooded and split vertically into two distinct regions. Tremblay’s eponymous character is a young boy living with his mother in Uptown, a boring, artless place of overprotective safety. When he runs away seeking adventure, he winds up in the mysterious and dangerous Downtown and encounters Chaplin, a robot with a human soul. Together, the two embark on adventures to discover the secret mystery behind Chaplin, while pursued by police, the Kid’s mother, and a colorful cast of modern circus performers.

‘The Kid: An Animated Adventure’ is directed by Christian Volckman, who co-wrote the screenplay with Rupert Wyatt who also serves as an executive producer.

The producers stated:

“Top creative talent have been the driving force of this project and will continue to be. We can’t imagine anyone better than Jacob Tremblay for this role and we have no doubt that we’ll soon be able to announce more great voices joining the cast.”

FilmNation Entertainment CEO Glen Basner added:

“We are thrilled to make our foray into animation and could not imagine a better fit for FilmNation as it has ties to cinema history with Chaplin and his first film. New audiences throughout the world will now get to fall in love with Chaplin’s Tramp all over again.”

Get ready to see a completely different side of Tremblay late this summer when he stars in the raunchy R-rated comedy ‘Good Boys’ which opens on August 16.  ‘Doctor Sleep’ arrives on November 4.

If you’d like a little Film History lesson, you can check out this restored version of Chaplin’s original film ‘The Kid’ below:



Source: Deadline