With 3 weeks before it lands in theaters, Paramount is now ramping up the campaign for ‘World War Z’ and has released the first clip from this zombie apocalypse film.

‘World War Z’ has had its share of troubles on the road to getting made and many fans are approaching this adaptation of the cult favorite book by Max Brooks with some hesitation. This is not without reason as Brooks has stated that he was not involved in the production of the film in any way but did get to see some of the filming that occurred while the movie was filming in Scotland. It also didn’t help that Damon Lindelof was called in to rewrite the ending of World War Z after production initially wrapped and reshoots of what ends up to be 40 minutes of the movie and a new finale was filmed.

But now the final product is ready to be unveiled and the movie goers will soon see if this $200 million film will be the beginning of a trilogy or sink like last year’s megabudget ‘Battleship’.

Let us know if you plan on seeing ‘World War Z’ after watching the clip below of Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) being given an offer he may not be able to refuse:

‘World War Z’ arrives in theaters June 21, 2013.