Doctor Sleep : Here's when to expect a "Shining' cameo
Warner Brothers

SPOILER ALERT: This information includes a mild SPOILER for ‘Doctor Sleep’ so proceed with caution or turn back now.

Hopefully, horror fans won’t get their fill this Friday when Halloween arrives, because Warner Brothers has another fright set to hit theaters the following weekend when the Stephen King adaptation ‘Doctor Sleep’ arrives.  The film is based on the novel of the same name, and both are sequels to ‘The Shining’, one of King’s most famous books, which was also adapted into a classic film in 1980.

‘Doctor Sleep’ revolves around an adult Danny Torrence, who appeared as a child in ‘The Shining’.  This young boy possesses psychic abilities which he refers to as “The Shining,” but that a group of marauders called The True Knot refer to as yummy, as they make it their mission to kill other people who possess psychic abilities to “feed” off the release of their psychic energy as they die.


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Ewan McGregor portrays the adult Danny, now going by Dan.  But Danny also appears as a child, in flashbacks to the events of ‘The Shining’.  Roger Dale Floyd plays young Danny in ‘Doctor Sleep’.  Dan Lloyd portrayed Danny in ‘The Shining’.  Lloyd is now 47 years-old, and he makes a cameo in the new film.

SPOILER ALERT- Last chance to turn back!

Find Out When To Look For A 'Shining' Cameo In Doctor Sleep
Warner Brothers

Lloyd only took on one additional acting role, as young G. Gordon Liddy in the TV movie ‘Will: G. Gordon Liddy’.  After that, he retired from acting at the age of ten.  He lives a mostly private life as a biology professor.  He is married and has four kids.  But he did agree to make an appearance in ‘Doctor Sleep’, and now we know when and where.

About half-way through the film– it’s 153 minutes long, so about an hour and 15 minutes in– there is a scene at a Little League game.  A group of men appears in the stands, and one man compliments one of the boys playing.  That’s Danny Lloyd.

Director Mike Flanagan said:

“There’s one cameo in there that most people have missed, though. I don’t know if you caught him.  Did you see Dan Lloyd? Little Danny, who came out for one day to do the baseball game.”

Somewhat along those lines, Flanagan says three shots in ‘Doctor Sleep’ were actually lifted and modified from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’:

“There are three shots.  Three shots in the film that are Kubrick’s footage. It is the shot of the island at the beginning of the journey up the mountain. We took his footage, stabilized it, and made it night time, added some snow, and then the two following shots of the car going up the mountain are his footage, as well, with the car replaced. That’s it. The rest we recreated.”

You can check out ‘Doctor Sleep’ for yourself.  It opens in theaters on November 5th.