We’re just about a month away from the return of the second half of the fifth season of ‘The Walking Dead‘ and AMC has released new footage from the series to share with you! Not only is there a new domestic promo but we also have a Spanish spot as well so there is a pile of new footage here. I have a feeling we’ll be getting quite a bit more on the promotional front in the next month with episode clips, behind the scenes videos, and interviews!

First up we have some new footage from the 9th episode of the fifth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ to share with you which we’ll be able to see after the mid season break. In it we have a voice over of a conversation between Michonne and Rick Grimes on finding a place where they can thrive and not be “just making it.”

As you’ll hear when checking out the video, Rick’s response doesn’t sound too optimistic.

As usual when we come back from a break we seem to find that our survivors are doing horrible and this first trailer is no different. To get even more of what to expect visually though is a recently released spot for the Spanish market where we get a few more shots of Tyreese as well as a pretty gnarly looking Rick, let’s take a look!

Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with some news on what the actor Andrew Lincoln that plays Rick has been up to, a potential spoiler is starting the next sentence so I’d run back now if you want to stay spoiler free. Recently Lincoln has started showing up publicly freshly shaved. Rumors popped up that it could be due to a drastic course change from the comic where Rick ended up dead, but I more likely felt that it was from Rick finding some shaving supplies.

I mean, look at him in that second trailer. If he isn’t a man who enjoys having a beard there is a good chance he’ll want to be clean shaven and of everything that was taken from ransacked houses for supplies, I highly doubt a razor and shaving cream were at the top of everyone’s list so there’s a good chance he just needed to clean up a little.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘The Walking Dead’? What do you think from the latest footage that we’ve seen? Share your thoughts below!

The fifth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ will return on Sunday, February 8th at 9:00 PM ET on AMC.

Source: Comic Book