A couple of weeks ago, Marvel’s sequel ‘Thor 2’ had a shake-up when director Patty Jenkins was dropped from the project and replaced with Alan Taylor (‘Game of Thrones’). And, while the director switch-out was a bit of a sore point to some, including ‘Thor’ star Natlie Portman, their next development move should be seen in a much better light.

The script to ‘Thor 2’ has just been sent for some rewrites. The man doing the script doctoring is none other than Robert Rodat. Rodat is best known for his oscar nominated work on ‘Saving Private Ryan’. There’s no word yet on the plot of ‘Thor 2’ since it’s all being kept under wraps until fans find out what happens to the God of Thunder in the upcoming ‘Avengers’ film.

What is known is that Loki will be returning for ‘Thor 2’. Actor Tom Hiddleston who played the trickster brother of Thor in the original film has stated that filming on ‘Thor 2’ begins in London this summer. Early speculation on ‘Thor 2’ claims that the story will delve more into the nature of the nine realms. Hopefully that means we’ll see Thor more in Asgard and the realms than here on Earth since those were the best parts of the original ‘Thor’.

‘Thor 2’ is set to release November 15th, 2013 and, at this point, all of the original actors are expected to reprise their roles from the first film.