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‘American Gods’ Season 3 has added ‘Power’ star Lela Loren in a recurring role as Marguerite Olsen.

“While not native to Lakeside, Marguerite Olsen has become part of the fabric of the town as a trusted reporter for the local paper, a committed single mother of two, and a no-nonsense property manager. She is understandably wary of the pain vulnerability brings, but when Shadow moves into her building, he begins to chip away at her defenses and uncover a side to Marguerite she thought she’d locked away for good.”

Uh oh.  Girl, you better run!  That is not someone you need to get mixed up with!

Following the events of Season 2, Shadow (Ricky Whittle) is attempting to live a normal life, separated from Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) and the brewing war between the old and new gods.  He has settled into the snowy hamlet of Lakeside, Wisconsin.

‘American Gods’ already features an ensemble cast, but it’s still adding quite a few new regular and recurring cast members.  Ashley Reyes has been enlisted as a series regular, portraying Cordelia, a human computer whiz that will become a new companion for Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), in part, taking Shadow’s place.


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Among the new recurring roles, Dominique Jackson will appear as an alternate form of Crispin Glover’s Mr. World, known as Ms. World.  Glover will continue to embody the male form of Mr. World, so it remains to be seen his two alternate forms will be incorporated into the story.  Blythe Danner and Herizen F. Guardiola have been recruited to play two new godesses.  Danner will appear as Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest, with a complicated romantic history with Mr. Wednesday.  Guardiola will portray Oshun, the Yoruban goddess of love, purity, and fertility, who plays an important part in Shadow’s spiritual awakening.

Marilyn Manson will portray Johan Wengren, a “blood-thirsty” lead singer of the Viking death metal band Blood Death, for a four-episode storyline.  Meanwhile, Eric Johnson has been cast as Chad Mulligan, Lakeside’s Chief of Police.

Loren is best known for playing Assistant U.S. Attorney Angela Valdes on the crime drama ‘Power’, which is entering its seventh and final season.  She will also appear as Danica Harlan, governor of Harlan’s World, in the second season of ‘Altered Carbon’, which is expected to arrive in February of 2020.

‘American Gods’ Season 3 is expected to arrive in 2020.


Source: Deadline