The Punisher

With ‘The Punisher’ at long last only a few short days away from FINALLY premiering on Netflix, Marvel is treating us to a few teaser clips from the series, the first of which they released on the Punisher Twitter account, and can be viewed below. In it, Frank is driving his van in pursuit of what appears to be a few remnant members of the Dogs of War, one of the motorcycle gangs he was after in ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 for their part in the death of his family. In the clip, he coldly and efficiently takes down all the bikers, all while reciting the nursery rhyme “One batch, two batch. Penny and dime,” right before he finishes the job by apparently running over the bikers with his van, just to ensure they are all dead.

Most likely this is a scene taken from early on in the series, a guess I feel confident making for two main reasons. The first is that based on the state of the van, I don’t think Frank has joined forces with Micro yet, as the van looks a little rundown, and in the trailer, at least by the time Frank and Micro are working together, the van looks a little sleeker and is being kept in a kind of Punisher HQ that he and Micro keep up. Secondly, if, as rumored, the majority of the show has Frank going after bigger fish like the government or the his old military commanders for their part in the conspiracy to kill his family, I think a scene like this dealing with the Dogs of War would be early on, when Frank is still dealing with the small fish in his war on crime.

Check the clip out for yourself below, and feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on where it fits into the timeline of the series in the comments below that! And make sure to check out ‘The Punisher’ when it premieres on Netflix this Friday!