Marvel Netflix Characters From Appearing In New Media Confirmed By Daredevil Actress

More nails in the coffin of the Marvel/ Netflix shows are springing up almost daily, the latest coming from one of the actresses who first appeared in ‘Daredevil who seems to be confirming the latest sad news that the contract with Netflix truly does prevent the characters from being used in any non-Netflix shows for 2 years after the shows have been cancelled. According to Amy Rutberg, who plays Foggy’s girlfriend Marci Stahl across the Marvel Netflix shows:

“There is this very real contract with Netflix. I had heard 18 months, maybe it’s 2 years. I suppose it’s possible that Marvel could buy them out, but I have not heard so much as a whisper.”

Which again means that in the best case scenario for the current shows, even if they are picked up by Disney+ or Hulu or FX or something, they could not return to the air until 2020, well actually, this is the case for ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Luke Cage,’ and ‘Iron Fist.’ As for ‘Jessica Jones,’ she would have to wait until 2021 because her third season will most likely premiere on Netflix in 2019, and few doubt that she will be given the ax not long afterward, same for ‘The Punisher,’ which is set to premiere its second season in January. Only difference for ‘The Punisher’ is that it was not part of the original deal between Netflix and Marvel back in 2013, so there is a slight chance that contract might be different, allowing Jon Bernthal and company to leave Netflix and pick up for Season 3 somewhere else much sooner than their other Netflix/ MCU compatriots.

Of course, with all this in mind, there is a very real chance, sad though it may be considering how amazing the casting is for these characters, that Marvel may pull the plug on all these shows entirely, write them off as not part of canon (especially since they never officially crossed with the mainstream MCU) and reboot the characters in 2020 with new actors and crew. Personally, I am hoping Marvel has more faith that fans will hold on till 2020 to see these characters return, but in today’s world, that is a long time for people to stay enthusiastic and excited about characters, and the actors and crew may move on to other projects in the interim, meaning Marvel may have no choice but to reboot.

At the very least, if this was the end for these shows, at least they all seem to be going out on a high note.

Source: HeroicHollywood