Deadpool: Writers Rhett Rse and Paul Wernick Share Update On Future Of 'Deadpool' With Disney

With all of the big Disney and MCU news of late with Disney+ bringing us more Loki, Hawkey, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Scarlett Witch and Vision stories, and Sony and Marvel making another deal so Spider-Man can return to the MCU for a third movie and another cameo, one might forget that a lot of fans are still hungry to see how Ryan Reynold’s ‘Deadpool’ franchise is going to fit into everything now that 20th Century Fox is also under the Disney umbrella. Luckily for the fans, while speaking to EW as they were promoting their new movie, ‘Zombieland: Double Tap,’ writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick gave an update on the current state of a new ‘Deadpool’ movie, sounding very optimistic for the future, even if a little vague on when exactly it is going to happen. In Wernick’s words:

“We’re always in touch with Ryan. We’ve got several projects with him in addition to the Deadpool universe. I think the party line and truth is we’re all still figuring it out. Marvel has promised to continue to let us play in the R-rated Deadpool universe, and the hope is that they will also let us veer into the MCU a little bit as well and play in that sandbox. Our feeling and Ryan’s feeling is that it’s got to be the right idea, it’s got to be great… I think once we collectively agree what idea that great idea is we’ll be off to the races. Ryan’s super-busy, we’ve got a lot of projects lined up, but we wake up thinking about Deadpool, and we go to sleep thinking about Deadpool.”


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Not only that, but Reynolds recently took to social media to share a photo of himself at Marvel Studios offices where he joked that he was auditioning for the role of ‘Anthony Stark.’ You can check it out for yourself below:

Clearly Reynolds and company are still in talks with Disney/Marvel about ‘Deadpool,’ and the hope is that a new movie will be worked out and announced relatively soon, assuming that Reese, Wernick and Reynolds come up with a good idea for the third installment for the Merc with the Mouth, which many fans (including yours truly) hope will find a way to tie the franchise into the MCU proper while explaining away the old continuity in typical Deadpool jokey-breaking-the-4th-wall fashion. Maybe they’ll even use the time-travel shenanigans of Cable to help explain the “new” timeline for Deadpool. Though now that I think about it, the time-travel rules set by ‘Avengers: Endgame‘ would contradict the logic of any changes made by Deadpool and/or Cable changing the present for the characters.

Do you have any good story pitches for how Deadpool can cross over into the world of the Avengers? Is there any hope that we could see him in a movie with Spider-Man while Sony and Marvel are still on speaking terms? Will Reynolds still be doing ‘Deadpool’ movies by the time Marvel gets around to launching their own ‘X-Men’ franchise, finally allowing fans to see Wolverine and Deadpool on screen together? Feel free to share your own ideas and hopes for the future in the comments below!


Source: EW