James Mangold Would Still Like To Make An 'X-23' Movie With Dafne Keen
20th Century Fox

If anyone at Disney cares, James Mangold would still like to make a follow-up to the Academy Award-nominated ‘Logan’ featuring Dafne Keen‘s X-23.  The director expressed this desire during an interview with The Playlist.  However, Mangold understands that this is unlikely to happen, now Disney owns 20th Century Fox and is actively planning to introduce their own version of the ‘X-Men’ and all related characters as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course, there is some rembling that ‘Deadpool’ may remain separate and under Fox.  If so, then it would be conceivable that Keen’s X-23 could also be featured in a stand-alone movie, so long as it doesn’t feature any appearances by Wolverine or Charles Xavier or any other major characters.  Since Disney is starting from square one with the mutants, it’s doubtful they plan on doing anything with X-23, who didn’t come along in the comics until decades after the X-Men and Wolverine had made their debuts.  I mean… it’s not gonna happen, but I’m just saying it could if Disney thought it was worth pursuing.  (Translation + $$$)


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Mangold is busy at the moment promoting ‘Ford v Ferrari’, a holdover from Fox that Disney is hoping will be a contender this awards season.  He is also in pre-production on his next film, ‘Juliet’, about a woman who learns she may be related to the tragic Shakesperean character, based on the novel by Anne Fortier.  He is also attached to another upcoming film, the drama ‘Crenshaw’ also based on a novel, by Katherine Applegate.

As for Keen, she is starring in HBO and BBC’s highly-anticipated new fantasy series ‘His Dark Materials’.  That series launches on November 3 in the UK, and November 4 in the US.

What do you think?  Should Disney take a chance and let Mangold make a movie about X-23?