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Ben Barnes has an amazing debut on Marvel TV as Billy Russo who is better known as the villainous Jigsaw but his time was cut short as Netflix cancelled all their shows including ‘The Punisher.’ Now, it seems that the actor could be returning to Marvel but over at Marvel Studios instead of the now-defunct Marvel TV. While all of the actors and characters from the Netflix shows are still locked down due to contract issues, it would appear that Barnes almost ended up joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a superhero.


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The actor was recently being interviewed for his new BBC show ‘Gold Digger’ when his work with Marvel came up. “Yeah, for sure, for sure,” was his answer to if he’d work with Marvel again, but the interesting comments came up as he continued on. It turns out Marvel Studios has been in contact with him as Barnes shared:

“I did talk to them about something this year, but it was a bit too close to doing The Punisher, I think, for them. But, you know, they have proof that you can – particularly if it was on TV, you can go back and do a movie if there’s a character that’s right. I was definitely talking about a couple of superheroes last year.”

Sadly, he shot down any hope for his fans that anything was currently moving forward as “It didn’t work out for whatever reason, but definitely, there’s still room for that in my future. As long as they hurry up. I don’t want to be a 50-year-old superhero.”


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About the time ‘The Punisher’ came to a close is likely when casting was moving forward on ‘The Eternals, ‘ which did have “a couple of superheroes,” which they had to cast for.

Would you like to see Ben Barnes join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a superhero? Which character do you think he’d be most suited to play? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: Digital Spy