Krypto Cuts Loose In This Trailer For Titans S2 E6 Conner
DC Universe

The time that many fans have been waiting for is almost here, as Krypto the Superdog is about to make his live-action debut in the sixth episode of DC Universe’s ‘Titans’ Season 2, entitled “Conner.”  Though we don’t quite know what his exact nature is yet, he will serve as a companion to Superboy, a.k.a. Kon-El, a.k.a. Conner Kent, a clone made from the combined DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor (in the comics, at least).  On ‘Titans’, Lex Luthor isn’t slated to appear, but his father Lionel is (played by Peter MacNeill), so the show may tweak Conner’s origin a bit.

Both Superboy and Krypto made their first cameos during a post-credits scene at the end of the last episode of Season 1.  They were both shown to be test subjects of Project: Cadmus.


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Now, DC Universe has released a new trailer for “Conner” in which Superboy (Joshua Orpin) flexes his super muscles, while Krypto displays his heat vision!  Check it out below:

Here is the synopsis for the new episode:

Conner Kent escapes from Cadmus Labs and emerges into the world for the first time as a free agent. With Krypto in tow, Conner’s search for the truth about his past leads him to Lionel Luthor (guest star PETER MacNEILL), Lex Luthor’s father, and Cadmus geneticist Eve Watson (guest star GENEVIEVE ANGELSON). Eve informs Conner of his true heritage and sends him on a path of self-discovery, examining his own identity and inherent impulses. In a moment of question, Conner chooses to act heroically and finds himself face-to-face with the Titans.

Though Krypto has been a part of the Superman mythos since 1955, and has appeared in multiple animated adaptations, starting with 1966’s ‘The New Adventures of Superman’ Saturday morning cartoon, this marks his first appearance in live-action.  A very different form of Krypto, called “Wolf” can be seen in the DC Universe animated series ‘Young Justice’.

New episodes of ‘Titans’ are released every Friday on DC Universe.