It’s hard to get into the head space of the upcoming network schedules, when most schools haven’t even let out for summer vacation yet, but I suppose with so much competition it’s never too early to start building hype.  The latest announcement?  Fox’s ambitious new period drama ‘Hieroglyph’ set in ancient Egypt, focuses on Ambrose, played by Max Brown, a convicted thief who is selected to serve the Pharaoh (Reece Ritchie) and finds himself immersed in political intrigue, seductive concubines and… vampires and magic?  Early reaction has compared the new series, executive produced and written by Travis Beacham (‘Pacific Rim’) to HBO’s massive hit ‘Game Of Thrones’ but since ‘Hieroglyph’ will air on Fox, expect a bit less graphic nudity.

In addition to Brown and Ritchie, the cast also includes Condola Rashad as Nefertari, the Pharoah’s half-sister, John Rhys-Davies as Vocifer, Caroline Ford as Peshet, Antony Bunsee as Rawser and Kelsey Chow as Lotus.  Anna Fricke from ‘Being Human’ serves as the showrunner for the new series.  In addition to Beacham, Peter Chernin, Catherine Pope, and Miguel Sapochni (‘Fringe’) executive produce.

The show was ordered direct-to-series in October, so Fox obviously expects this to be a big hit.  And with its eclectic subject matter, stemming from a mystical scroll which could possibly spell doom for this powerful empire, it seems like the network is throwing everything but the kitchen sink into this series.  Hopefully, audiences will embrace it for one reason or another.

Unfortunately, potential fans have to wait a little extra for this one.  It won’t debut in the fall.  Instead it will arrive in 2015 with a 13-episode run.  Possible good news is that fading hit ‘Glee’ was also pushed back to a spring debut, but Fox announced that the musical series will run straight through without taking a hiatus.  Could the same prove true for ‘Hieroglyph’?  So even with an extended waiting period, there could be a positive result.

Check out the elaborate trailer below:

Like I said, everything but the kitchen sink.  Sorcerers (sex), vampires (sex), Pharaohs (sex), political intrigue (and sex) and murder (oh and also sex).

At the very least, this has the potential to be a big guilty pleasure.  What do you think?  Are you looking forward to ‘Game of Thrones in Ancient Egypt’?

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