Green Arrow fans are in for a real treat when the series ‘Arrow’ premieres on the CW! During the ‘Arrow’ Comic-Con panel, executive producer Marc Guggenheim announced that Kelly Hu will be joining the series in the role of China White!

Hu is no stranger to the sci-fi genre as she’s the voice of Cheshire in ‘Young Justice,’ was Pearl in ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ the Sorceress in ‘The Scorpion King,’ and Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike in ‘X2.’ She’ll be adding to her comic book repertoire when she takes on the role of the villainous China White.

The character was first introduced in the comic series ‘Green Arrow: Year One’ and will have a similar role on the series as she did in the comic books. In the comics, China White was a South Pacific drug cartel leader who Oliver encountered during his years marooned on the mysterious island. Without giving too much away, it will seem as though her character will be seen in flashbacks helping the television audience to understand what caused the 180 degree change in Oliver.

China White will not be the only comic book character to share the small screen with Green Arrow. After much speculation about the character Dinah Lance (Katie Cassidy), Guggenheim stated that Oliver Queen’s old girlfriend will be seen in the signature fishnet stockings of her alter-ego Black Canary. He wouldn’t say much about when she would appear only hinting, “not as soon as you want but a lot sooner than you think.”

From the initial reviews of the preview screening earlier in the week, this more gritty, darker and realistic version of the Green Arrow story seems to hit the mark. This has excited the ‘Arrow’ team who has high hopes that the series will run for a long time. As Stephen Amell declared, “If all goes well, we’ll be working for the next decade.”

‘Arrow’ will air on the CW on Wednesday’s at 8PM ET/PT starting October 1st.

Source: EW