Brightest Day is over. It actually ended last month. Green Arrow #12 wraps up the Emerald Archers part in the universe spanning event. I have been a big fan of J.T. Krul’s take on Oliver Queen. That being said, I am happy the Brightest Day tie-in is over. Before the tie-in event started, Green Arrow had some pretty interesting stories being told. I’m looking forward to getting back to the life and times of Oliver Queen and his adventures in Star City.

In this issue we were treated to the end of the Star City Forest, the final chapter of Galahad and two enemies being reunited as one. We can start there; I think Krul and team missed a big opportunity to tell some interesting Ollie stories when they decided to reunite the Demon Etrigan and Jason Blood. I think it could have been an interesting arch to see Oliver and Jason working together as mortals to recapture the demon. Maybe there will be more to tell as there didn’t seem to be a definitive end to that part of the story, but Blood and Etrigan are once again joined… for now.

Another character who has flourished under Krul’s pen is Galahad. It turns out he is not really a Knight of Arthur’s Realm, but just a man who lost everything and wanted to help. As seen in issue #11, Galahad was a man who lost his daughter to a sickness and instead of standing by he changed himself into something more and vowed to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I hope he will continue to pop up from time to time in Green Arrow.

Finally, in this issue we saw Oliver and his disappointment in not being the true Guardian of the Forrest. That honor is reserved for the newly resurrected Swamp Thing. I was disappointed in Oliver at the beginning of the issue, but he redeemed himself in the end. I felt like he was slipping into the immature Oliver of old when he found out he wasn’t chosen, only to be proud of him when he went against the wishes of the White Lantern and did what was necessary to save innocent Star City citizens. Green Arrow then finally understood, he doesn’t need a Forest to protect and do what is right – Start City was that forrest all along.

For the most part I enjoyed this month’s Green Arrow. I’m happy Brightest Day is over and Green Arrow can get back to doing what he does best – patrolling the streets of Star City. I can’t wait to see how Oliver will work out being back in society and just what the Queen has in store for our wayward archer. Make sure to check back next month for Green Arrow #13!