Five months is a long time to wait in between issues. ‘Kick-Ass 2’ #2 came out all the way back in March, If you need a refresher check out my review from all the way back when, HERE. ‘Kick-Ass 2′ #3 picked up pretty much where the last issue left off, in Jimmy Kim’s restaurant with Jimmy Kim’s bathing suit area serving as kibbles and bits for Colonel Stars’ dog Sofia.

Justice Forever is there to save some “respectable” young ladies from being forced to be ladies of the night. Stopping baddies isn’t the only thing Justice Forever does to be heroes, Millar shows them helping the homeless, volunteering and even giving blood. With all the good work they do, the ranks continue to grow. However, they are missing one key member: Hit-Girl.

We catch up with Mindy as Dave is trying to recruit her to Justice Forever. But Mindy has made promises, promises to her mom and to Marcus; and if she wants to keep that promise, it will mean the end of Hit-Girl.

After the conversation with Mindy in the hallway at school, dave returns home (thinking about which picture of Kaite he will “use” when he gets some time alone), only to find his dad having gone through his room and stuff looking for drugs. Only Dave Lizewski’s worst nightmare; his dad finding his Kick-Ass costume. After the ensuing argument, Dave obviously runs out of the house, I don’t imagine that is the conversation and outcome Mr. Lizewski had in his head when he found the costume.

I always find it interesting when the family of superheroes find out they have an alter-ego. I also always wonder why it takes them so long to find out the hero’s secret. In Dave’s case, it is not that his dad doesn’t care about him; but he is a single father raising a boy who is desperate to be someone, and a part of something.

Speaking of that “something”, Colonel Star is back at the Justice Forever headquarters setting up the clubhouse for the rest of the members. It’s too bad for him (and Sofia) Red Mist… excuse me “Mother F#cker” and the “Toxic Mega-C#nts”, got there before the rest of the team. Colonel Star met as gruesome of an end as anyone comic book hero ever – want to know what I’m talking about, check out the bottom of the second to last page of the issue.

I really wish Millar was able to keep up with this book, we should be 5 issues further along than we are right now. ‘Kick-Ass 2’ is frustrating to follow because of the delays, but it is worth reading. It is full of graphic and bloody imagery and story. If you don’t have the patients to wait for the “floppies” to come out, I would suggest to wait until the run eventually ends and pick up the trade. Regardless this is a book you should read at some point.