On the eve of ‘The Walking Dead’s Season 10 premiere, the series had a panel at New York Comic Con, where, to no one’s surprise, it was announced that the show was returning for an 11th installment.  Despite falling ratings, it’s still AMC’s #1 show and one of the top shows on cable, and AMC is steadily using it to spawn a new series, and a theatrical movie.  In addition, it was announced that Lauren Cohan would be returning as a series regular.

Cohan portrayed Maggie Rhee who mysteriously vanished during a time jump in Season 9.  In reality, Cohan left to star in the short-lived ABC action series ‘Whisky Cavalier’ which only lasted one season.  Maggie’s return comes after the departure of the show’s current lead female character, Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, who will exit during the upcoming tenth season.


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Cohan surprised guests in attendance at the NYCC ‘The Walking Dead’ panel, to announce her return.  You can see video of the event below:

Cohan’s exit was always structured to allow her to possibly return in the future, rather than having Maggie killed off, like so many other characters.

But of course, Maggie won’t return until roughly a year from now, as Season 10 is just about to begin.  As for what viewers can expect, showrunner Angela Kang stated:

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“I’m really excited for people to see what the Whisperers are up to.  It’s such a strange and interesting set of villains.”

In casting news, prior to Maggie’s return, a new fan favorite from the comics is entering the story.  Paola Lázaro has joined season 10 as Juanita Sanchez, a.k.a. the Princess.  In the comics, the Princess lives in Pittsburgh.  (“Princess” is short for “Princess of Pittsburgh.”)  She is a funny character that has proven to quite popular, but she has a very dark past, having been abused by her step-father and nearly adult step-brother for a lengthy period of time before the zombie apocalypse.

Lázaro recently co-starred on ‘Lethal Weapon’ which was just canceled by FOX, and made a couple of appearances on Showtime’s ‘SMILF’ (also recently canceled).

Are you excited that Lauren Cohan is returning to ‘The Walking Dead’?  What about Princess joining the story?


Source: Entertainment Weekly