The ‘Westworld’ media blitz continues, with today’s big news concerning the “title” of Season 2, something which could help unlock (you’ll get that pun in a second) some of the mysteries of the upcoming season. While talking about the narratives and themes of Seasons 1 and 2 of the show with EW recently, Jonathan Nolan stated:

“If the first season was a journey inward, this is a journey outward. This is a search for what is else is beyond the park, and what else is in the park. Are there more parks? How big is the park? What’s beyond the park? We think of our seasons as discrete components in the series, to the point where we’ve named our seasons. The first season was called ‘The Maze.’ The second season is called ‘The Door.’”

Also in attendance during the interview was co-showrunner Lisa Joy, who was shocked the notoriously tight-lipped Nolan shared that detail:

“I can’t believe he just told you that!”

So Season 1’s title being “the Maze” is not that surprising as it was stated during the season and everything in Season 1 was all about the Hosts navigating the “maze” (i.e. their minds) to find true consciousness, something Arnold and later Ford realized was the necessary next step for the Hosts. Of course, there were many hoping for a literal maze in Season 1, and were disappointed that it was a metaphor, so there might be some theorists out there hoping for the same with the “Door” of Season 2, though my guess is that it is once again a metaphor, though of what exactly I am not quite certain. It could be a the door to freedom, i.e. getting out of the park alive, or being allowed to live without Delos or some outside organization coming to put them all down, or it could just as easily be that literal “door” which just leads out of the literal park, or maybe into another area of the park like Shogun World.

We’ll find out soon enough when the show premieres next month. Until then, feel free to share any theories you might have in the comments below!